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About Us Our aim is to provide young people who are currently in secondary education with opportunities to develop their performance skills through a variety of communication methods. Through working in all areas of stage craft - including the support of performances through stage-management, technical support, marketing, costumes and make-up - young people are encouraged to develop the self-confidence and personal qualities that will sustain them through life. Team-working, self-respect and respect for others are key to our ethos. As well as developing performance skills and rehearsing, we organise trips to amateur and professional productions as well as educational visits to encourage understanding of the issues behind the pieces performed. Return to Q's

Behaviour Policy This policy has been developed through discussion and in consultation with SIYT members. Principles: - All members will show respect for all other people; property; premises and equipment - Mobile phones will be switched off during meetings and rehearsals - There will be no eating during rehearsals or meetings, unless otherwise stipulated, water only will be permitted. Alcohol or Drugs are not permitted at any meeting or rehearsal - Members will only smoke outside and in compliance with the regulations of any premises that we are using. Smokers are expected to ensure that no litter is left behind - Notification of absence from a weekly meeting must be given personally by way of apologies using the members hotline - Sanctions that can be applied - Sanctions are based on a Yellow Card and Red Card system (2 Yellow Cards = 1 Red Card and 1 Red Card = 3 weeks suspension at the leader's discretion) - Yellow Cards will last for one year (September to July) - All Yellow Cards and Red Cards will be removed in September. Return to Q's

Can I Join? Membership is open to anyone in secondary education in Huntingdonshire and is achieved through Audition. Our next full auditions will be in the autumn of 2014 - entrance is at the discretion of the adjudicating panel. If you are interested in joining SIYT, if you want to take part, download an application form by clicking here and email to together with a recent photograph. And we'll be in touch! Return to Q's

Child Protection SIYT is a non-profit making organisation and is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people and expects all adults involved with the company to share this commitment. Return to Q's

  • Training - All adults involved in working with children will receive relevant training on child protection issues including issues relating to children with disabilities. All adults will be aware of the policy and procedures for responding to suspicions or disclosures of abuse.Protecting Children at Meetings and Performances - All adults working with children will be CRB checked and will work at all times in accordance with local authority guidelines.Responding to Suspicions or Disclosures of Abuse - All suspicions and disclosures of abuse will be logged on the appropriate logging sheet and an objective record will be made as fully as possible including the names of any other person present at the time. The log sheet will be passed to the Designated Person for further action.Informing Parents/Carers - The Designated Person must inform parents or legal carers if a suspicion of abuse is recorded, except where the local area Child Protection committee does not allow (usually in the case where the parent or legal carer is the likely abuser).
  • Confidentiality - All suspicions and disclosures will be kept confidential and shared only with those who need to know. The Designated Person will keep any records in a separate confidential file

Choice of Material The company has gone from strength to strength, building a formidable reputation for performance and the quality of education provided. The choice of material for a production is determined by the nature of the piece, the practicalities of staging and the educational opportunities it affords. St. Ives Youth Theatre is not afraid is take a path that is not well-travelled, clearly demonstrated by the company's body of work which demonstrates a desire to deliver challenging pieces as well as to entertain. Well known pieces are mixed with less well known, yet no less emotive and entertaining works - including unpublished work which demonstrates the strength of our reputation within the theatre community. Return to Q's Correspondence Address The St. Ives Youth Theatre, Chapel House, Chapel Lane, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 5DX.Designated Person for Child Protection issues is Ian Lloyd. Do I have to Show Up? Yes! Only by attending weekly meetings and committing to rehearsals do we make sure that everyone does the best job they and gets as much from the experience. Even if you think you know your part well, other people may in the cast have no idea what you’re doing unless they rehearse with you – no matter how good you may think you are! Return to Q's Do we have any Political or Religious Angle? Simply No. SIYT is not affiliated to any political or religious group, We are a secular and apolitical organisation open to all people in secondary education in Huntingdonshire regardless of beliefs, creed or social status.Funding Contrary to popular belief, we receive no regular funding from local councils or government bodies. We receive no money or support from local schools. SIYT survives entirely on money generated by ticket and programme sales from productions and member subscriptions. We welcome any grant or donation that help our cause. How can I help? We are always in need of time, funding and enthusiasm - If you would like to be a show sponsor or can offer educational or theatrical tuition, please contact us. Return to Q's How often do we perform? We currently present two productions each year - one in the first quarter of the year and the major production late in the summer term. The major production involves all the regular members of the Youth Theatre in the cast. We also involve many other young people at this time - either volunteers recruited through local schools or previous members – to help with the technical aspects of staging a production (lighting, sound, set design, costumes). We also aim to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every 3-4 years. Return to Q's I want to Complain! We ask that you don’t let an issue fester. If you have a genuine concern or a complaint, please raise this with the Session Leader at a weekly meeting or a rehearsal and we will do our best to resolve the situation. If you wish to raise a formal written complaint, please write to our Secretary. Return to Q's Meetings are held on Thursday evenings (between 7 and 9pm), during school term time at Corn Exchange, St Ives, Cambridgeshire. When preparing for productions, rehearsals are during weekday evenings and at weekends as the performance gets closer. Return to Q's Membership is open to anyone in secondary education in Huntingdonshire. Fees are currently £20 per month and are payable by direct debit - there may be a bursary to support some members. It is a condition of membership that these fees are paid. Return to Q's Organisation An Annual General Meeting is held each year and nominations are invited for the Officers of SIYT. Officers are elected by the members of SIYT. The Management of SIYT is the responsibility of a committee who take responsibility for maintaining the reputation of the Youth Theatre. All new members of the committee complete child protection training and undergo full CRB checks. The current committee is:

Management Team
Artistic Team
Production Team
Chair/Media - Ian Lloyd
Musical Director - Brian Carter
Stage Management - Jess Masterton
Secretary - Mik Hirst
Design/Wardrobe - Tricia Lloyd
Treasurer - Sharmaine Anthony
Leader - Francesca Morgan
Community - Ian Dobson

The Artistic Secretary is responsible for the oversight of artistic and educational programme of the Youth Theatre and execution of productions. The Musical Director is responsible for the musical direction of the Youth Theatre and music together with the direction of the Orchestra during productions. Preparing for Productions As well as a rehearsal programme, the company may also make trips to help understand the background behind the pieces in production. In preparation for the much acclaimed production of 'Korzcak', a group from SIYT visited Korczak's Orphanage in Warsaw and the Concentration Camps at Auschwitz and Treblinka. To 'get the smell of money' for 'The Bubble', SIYT went to the trading floor of the London Metal Exchange and were invited to tea at Harrods by Mohammed al Fayed. In 2007, we visited Dartmoor Prison and Plymouth Hoe and in 2008, Lourdes. In 2011, We visited the village of Eyam in the peak district in preparation for the musical for the musical of the same name. Return to Q's Registered Office The St. Ives Youth Theatre, Chapel House, Chapel Lane, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 5DX. Status St. Ives Youth Theatre is a registered charity (No. 1109377) and a registered corporation limited by guarantee (company registration No. 5402388) and complies with the Companies Act 1973. Our Honorary President is Sue Campbell. Rehearsals These are critical to the success of our performance whether they are 6 weeks or 6 days before our first night. Members are expected to arrive on-time, being prepared and to be focussed throughout the rehearsal. Members are responsible for arranging their own transport to and from rehearsals. Return to Q's Want to Join St. Ives Youth Theatre? Auditions are challenging and are designed to really make our applicants shine. You would be required to mime, dance, sing, work with a text, improvise and go through a friendly interview. It's always a fun time and a great chance to meet other young people like yourself - who are so enthusiastic about performing arts and theatre. So what are we looking for ? We're not looking for the best singer, dancer or actor, but for people who are totally committed and enthusiastic about performing; our members are willing to try everything not matter what - just look at our body of work! We're looking for young people who are willing to be members of a company, willing to support their peers and willing to be part of the team that makes up St. Ives Youth Theatre. It's competitive but then you'd expect it to be. It would be fantastic to take everyone but we simply don't have the resources, but everyone gets a fair and equal chance. We hold auditions every autumn for new potential members - entrance is at the discretion of the adjudicating panel and their decision will be final). Return to Q's What started SIYT? In July 2001, a production of "Tom Sawyer" at St. Ivo School in St. Ives, saw a group of 11-15 year olds perform this musical with such enthusiasm and commitment, it was obvious that St Ives and surrounding area had enough talent to support a local Youth Theatre. With good friends and the support of SIMADS (St Ives Amateur Dramatic Society), St. Ives Youth Theatre was born. Return to Q's

Why is there a Monthly Membership Fee? The fees we collect from members are used to cover the costs of running the theatre company and it’s productions, such as leasing of rehearsal spaces, costumes, venues and equipment. We do not pay salaries or fees to any of the people who routinely run the Thursday evening sessions or help to organise the theatre company - they are all unpaid volunteers. This fee is currently £20 per month and is payable by standing order each month. Return to Q's

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